Will Saffron Pills Ease Ulcerative Colitis Inflammation?

Inflammatory Bowel Disease refers to two chronic inflammatory conditions that can affect your digestive system, namely Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Unfortunately, this disease has no cure, and an estimated 7 million people around the world live with it.

However, some Howard University researchers believe that saffron could reduce inflammation and improve clinical treatment in people with ulcerative colitis. This article examines the effectiveness of this herb in treating ulcerative colitis patients.

What Is Saffron?
Saffron is a spice obtained from the Crocus sativus flower. Previous research shows saffron has high antioxidant levels and anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists are also considering it as a treatment option for numerous health conditions, including:

  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Can Saffron Reduce IBD Inflammation?
To determine this, researchers recruited 30 participants with ulcerative colitis and gave them either low or high doses of saffron or a placebo eight times daily for 8 weeks.

By the study’s end, the researchers noted that people who took high doses of saffron experienced improvements in their Hamilton Depression Anxiety Score (HDRS) , Partial Mayo Scores, as well as their IBD biomarkers, such as fecal calprotein and C-reactive protein (CRP) .

Taking saffron also decreased Gammaproteobacteria, a bacterium that commonly increases when you have IBD. Conversely, it enriches Ruminococcaceae, a bacterium that occurs less in IBD patients.

How Does Saffron Help IBD?
Saffron contains coctins that might relieve inflammation and other IBD-related symptoms. Coctins are carotenoids transformed into crocetin, which has cardioprotective and neuroprotective properties. It also has antidepressant, antiviral, anti-diabetic, and anticancer effects.

Other Medicinal Herbs That Help Ulcerative Colitis
Beyond saffron, researchers are examining the use of indigo naturalis for ulcerative colitis treatment. This herb has been used for decades as part of traditional Chinese medicine, and multiple recent studies are ongoing on its effectiveness in treating IBD.

Through their study, researchers discovered that indigo naturalis effectively maintains remission in people with ulcerative colitis.

Is More Study Needed?
Researchers agree that the study is innovative and interesting as doctors are looking for supplements and other products that could help treat ulcerative colitis.

However, they also said the research needs to be conducted in a study with a larger participant population with mild, moderate, and severe ulcerative colitis.

According to a new study, saffron can effectively treat ulcerative colitis. However, you should consult your doctor before using it as a treatment method.