Do Your Dreams Matter?

We often don’t give much thought to our dreams – unless we have a particularly vivid or strange one.

Some people wonder if our dreams are more than just random images. Are they trying to tell us something? 

There are a variety of dream dictionaries that claim to interpret the meaning of your dreams and the various themes and symbols that appear in them.

But it’s important to remember that everyone experiences dreams differently. What might mean something to one person might not have the same significance to another.

With that being said, there are still some general things that our dreams may tell us about our wellbeing.

Some Dreams May Indicate an Underlying Condition

Certain dreams may sometimes be a sign of an underlying physical or mental health condition.

For example, nightmares are a common symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder. Nightmares are also associated with high levels of stress, worry, and anxiety.

If you have nightmares regularly, consider spea