This Trait Will Make You More Attractive and Help You Live Longer?

Learning to be compassionate is the single most effective way to improve your health and happiness. According to research, being compassionate is good for you physically and makes you look more attractive and younger.

This was discovered in a 2019 study by a group of psychologists and scientists at the University of North Carolina. This research focused on telomeres, aging markers that usually dwindle as we age. It also discovered that those who regularly engaged in “loving-kindness compassion meditations” saw no shortening in these aging markers. They also found compassion-focused meditations to improve hope and optimism, strengthen stress resistance, heighten the activity of brain regions related to bonding, and lessen the severity of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms.

As a bonus, it also makes you more appealing to others. Kind, selfless, considerate, and empathetic people have been observed to be loved by the general public.

One University of Iowa professor of social psychology suggests that this is because our brains are hardwired to seek out and bond with empathetic others. After all, everyone longs to be in the company of those who can truly appreciate and comprehend them.

How Can You Become More Compassionate?

Some people believe that meditation can help you develop a more charitable disposition. Some of the steps you can follow are:

Think of a Loved One

Breathe deeply, and as you let out that air, envision someone you care about clearly in front of you. Pay attention to the affection they evoke in you, and allow those feelings to fill your soul. You can give those emotions any color you like, from pink to blue to green; it won’t change how you feel.

Show Kindness 

Allow those feelings to pour out of your heart, and permit yourself to feel the kindness that overwhelms your heart. According to an expert, the only way to serve everyone else from your abundance is first to fill your cup.

Love Yourself

Recognize your humanity and allow yourself to relax or express your feelings. Reward yourself with positive thoughts. Go on a date with yourself. Do yourself a favor and compose a letter of self-compassion.

Healthy habits like eating well and regular exercise count as acts of kindness toward oneself.

Develop Listening Skills

It’s okay to accomplish something monumental to show compassion, and it can take the form of active listening.

Improve your ability to focus and listen. Many of us are poor listeners because we often talk about ourselves, connect to others, recount our experiences, pass judgment, or offer advice. So, try to listen to others actively.