Get Rid Of Your Back Pain With These 6 Exercises 

Like every other part of our bodies, our back muscles are vital to our posture and body balance. Yet, it is easy to overlook these muscles that determine the functionality of every other muscle. Whether picking items from the floor or lifting things, our back muscles provide the necessary stability for our bodies. 

Therefore, strengthening your back muscles is a fundamental way of preventing and managing back pain, whether such back pain is nonspecific or you are just looking to improve your range of motion. With the plethora of exercises spread across the internet, it may be challenging to ascertain the correct exercises to eliminate back pain. 

This article will highlight the types of exercises that will eliminate back pain. If you’re a beginner, you can select up to 3 of these exercises to start with.

What Are the Exercises to Get Rid of Back Pain?

Warm Up

Many health experts recommend that, as an adult, you should get about 150 minutes of moderate cardio every week or 75 minutes of vigorous activities every week. These exercises ignite your muscles and get your body in the right state to begin any exercise. These include aerobic exercises such as running, cycling, brisk walking, etc.

Resistance Band Pull Apart

This exercise is a simple yet effective workout that targets your upper back muscles, simultaneously improving your shoulder health. Pick a resistance that enables you to complete 1-2 sets of about 15-20 reps with excellent form. 

Lat Pulldown 

The lat pulldown will help strengthen the latissimus dousing, a large muscle within the middle and lower back. You can also do this exercise with a resistance band or on a machine in the gym.

Back Extension

This excellent beginner exercise targets your whole posterior chain. It will also target your back extensor muscles, as well as your hamstrings and glutes. 

Suspended Row

The suspended row is a great exercise that requires balance and stability while using your body weight. This exercise works on the latissimus dorsi, the trapezius, and the rhombus —the three largest back muscles in the human body. To complete this exercise, you will need a suspension trainer.

Woody Chop

The woody chop is an exercise that requires using your entire body, and it will help to strengthen core muscles like the obliques and the transversus abdominis. A medicine ball or a dumbbell will be most suitable for this exercise. 

Get Rid Of That Back Pain

These exercises will help you get rid of that back pain. Back Pain is widespread in Western countries, with reports showing that around 80% of adults suffer lower back pain. Therefore, this is a common problem that you can quickly cure with simple exercises.