Can You Use This Ingredient For Face Wash?

An item in your kitchen pantry can be used for much more than just sweetening your tea.

Honey has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. It’s a natural antimicrobial solution and can promote the healing of wounds and burns. Honey is also known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

These properties also make honey an excellent ingredient for improving the skin on your face.

How Honey Helps

Honey contains over 180 ingredients, including various vitamins, enzymes, sugars, organic acids, essential oils, and minerals.

When applied to the skin, honey can help to:

  • moisturize dry skin
  • reduce inflammation
  • soothe irritated skin
  • fight acne
  • lighten blemishes
  • treat wounds

Is It Safe To Use on Your Face?

Honey is generally safe to use on your face. However, some people may be allergic or sensitive to honey or other bee products. You may also experience a reaction to one of the other ingredients in your honey-based skincare product.

Before spreading honey all over your face, do a patch test on a small area of your body, such as your forearm. If you experience any redness, swelling, or irritation, wash it off and discontinue use.

Which Honey to Use on Your Face

Different varieties of honey may have slightly different levels of beneficial compounds.

Manuka honey, for example, is a type of honey that’s especially high in antioxidants and is prized for its skin benefits.

Some brands include corn syrup or cane sugar in their honey products. These added sugars can cause skin irritation, so it’s best to avoid them.

You can buy cosmetics and skincare products that contain honey, but these sometimes have lower concentrations of beneficial compounds than raw honey and may not be as beneficial.

How to Use Honey on Your Face

When using honey on your face, it’s important to start with clean skin. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and warm water. Remove any makeup or other products from your skin.

Apply a small amount of honey to your face and massage it in gently.

Leave the honey on your face for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water.

You can use honey on your face once or twice a day.

When appropriately used, honey can help moisturize, soothe, and improve the appearance of your skin. Try incorporating it into your skincare routine to see if it works.